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The Sisters of Bede is the women's+ evening fellowship of the church, open to all who identify as women+ of the parish. The monthly potluck dinner meetings are held in Luther Hall at 7:00 p.m. on the first Monday of most months. The meetings are loosely structured. We pray together, enjoy a potluck meal, and have spiritual discussions. All women of the parish are invited to come join us for great food, fun, and fellowship!

To learn more about the Sisters of Bede, click here.

Outreach Programs

We are very proud of our outreach programs, and greatly appreciate the parish's support. We are pleased to report that, thanks to the generosity of our parishioners, we raised over $5,200 from our
2022-2023 series.  Specific donations include:

  • $2000 to the Church’s SB 50 Fund

  • $600 to Friends of Music

  • $2,000 to the Neighborhood Youth Association

  • $1,400 to Episcopal Relief and Development:

    • $350 to Care for moms & Newborn Fund

    • $350 to Clean Water Fund

    • $350 to Middle East Hospital Fund

    • $350 to US Disaster Relief Fund

  • $200 to Spirit Sunday.

We look forward to another fantastic series of venues with great fun and delicious food for 2023-24!


Daphne Moote

Penny Jennings

Tana Raikes

Kathy Russell


January 2
February 6
March 6
March 27
May 1
June 5

August 7
September 11
October 2
November 6
December Christmas Party Friday, Dec 8th

Announcing the 2023 - 2024 Venue Series

Thanks to the Sisters for hosting an awesome party of parties.  Spaces are still available for most of the venues.

Date                   Time       Event                               Hosts                 # Avail.    Cost  Location
December 16, 2023  3:00PM        A Very Merry Vegan Christmas    Amanda Murray     7 more avail.     $15       Murray Residence 
 January 27, 2024      6:30PM        Six Course Dinner/Wine Pairing   Alice and Steve       Wait listed       $75       Short-Vielhaber Residence
February 3, 2024      Noon            Griffith Observatory Tour              Annette, Daphne & Rea 2 more     $35       Luther hall, Carpool to DASH
February 9, 2024     6:00PM        Beer & Brats                                   Mohlers and Townsends  7 more   $30       Mohler Residence
February 17, 2024    6:30 PM       Let's do Fondue                             Mary and Craig Deutsche 3 more  $35       Deutsche Residence
April 6, 2024           1:30PM         Vicar of Dibley & Afternoon Tea   Kathy and Friends      Unlimited      $20       Luther Hall      
June 8, 2024          5:30PM       Journey to the Holy Land              Susan, Lana & Samira     7 more      $45       Luther Hall
April 27, 2024        2:00PM        Kabobs & Croquet                          Daphne & Akani              2 more      $35       Fletcher-Moote Residence
May 4, 2024            6:00PM        Paint & Sip & Nosh Party      Stephanie, Samira, Kelly & Susan    6       $35       Luther Hall
???, 2024               7:00PM        Mexico City Fish Dinner                 Jerry & Karen          Wait listed        $70       Hornof-Scharre Residence
May 18, 2024          6:30PM       K-Drama Party                                  Rob Kadota & Melora Sundt   1       $30       Kadota-Sundt Residence
June 1, 2024          2:00PM        High Tea w/Rev. Jennifer                Rev. Jennifer           Wait listed        $25       Wagner-Pavia Residence
June 22/2024        1:30 PM        Lego for Grownups                          Kathy Russell            Unlimited        $20       Luther Hall
August 3, 2024      5:00PM       Princess Bride                                 Frank Basile             Wait listed         $40      Basile Residence
October 5, 2024     6:30PM       Oktoberfest                                     Rea Crane & Carl           6 more        $35      Crane Residence

Host Venue Planning Information - We can still add venues!

The Sisters invite you to sponsor an event!  Pick a theme, create a menu; choose a date, time and place; decide how many guests. If you need assistance determining an appropriate charge, check in with any of the sisters.


Important: If you would like to host an event in Luther Hall, please notify us as soon as possible so we can ensure the Hall will be available. The garden outside offers wonderful possibilities as well. We can assist with Hybrid/ or Virtual events.


If you have any questions, or need ideas, please see one of the Sisters. Proceeds from the events go to the church and its charities. You can sponsor an event individually, with a friend, or another family member.  

Here are just a FEW virtual event ideas to consider.

  • Virtual Dinner - Food ordered from restaurant,  guests join together on a Zoom  

  • Cooking Demonstrations

  • Scavenger Hunt

  • Fashion Show

  • Group Activity, such as Tai Chi or Chi Gong, etc.

  • A Live Concert (broadcast using Facebook or another online venue)

  • View a short video film  together, with follow up discussion

  • Game Night

  • Spiritual Guided Virtual Walk

  • Kids of Bede event

Feel free to be creative, and check in if you want some ideas or feedback.
Please email or call Liz, Daphne, Annette, or Tana if you would like to brainstorm or talk about logistics for your venue.


Our goal is to offer small group social gatherings, while continuing to raise funds for St. Bede's Outreach.

Our thanks to everyone for their support by hosting and attending events. We look forward to another fantastic series of great fun, food and fellowship!

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