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The Daughters of the King is an order of women who are communicants of the Episcopal Church, and churches in communion with it, who have taken a lifetime vow to live by a spiritual discipline of prayer, service, and evangelism. 



On September 16, 2012, St. Bede's Chapter of the Daughters of the King was installed. As part of our vow to live by a spiritual discipline, of prayer and service, our chapter members take part in personal daily prayer for members of our parish, and others, who have requested our prayers. We have a program of the distribution of Prayer Squares. As part of our vow of service, you will find chapter members serving St. Bede's in many areas, and as a chapter we assist the Sisters of Bede with the Easter breakfast. 


Prayer Squares are beautiful hand quilted fabric squares that are meant to be a source of comfort for someone who may be going through a difficult period in their lives. We also offer prayer squares for joyful events. Each square is adorned with ties that people are invited to tie a knot in while they are praying for the individual. If you know of anyone who might benefit from one of these squares, please contact us.


If you would like to learn more about the Daughters of the King, or further explore membership in the order, we would like to extend an invitation to speak to one of the daughters, explore the literature found on the credenza in the sanctuary, or sit in on our quarterly meetings. 


Members of The Order of the Daughters of the King® are women and girls between the ages of seven and one hundred and seven who desire a closer walk with the Lord. We are Christian women, both lay and ordained, who are strengthened through the discipline of a Rule of Life, and supported through the companionship of our sisters. We are all at different stages of our Christian journey – some have just begun and some have been on this path for a long time. But no matter where we are on our sacred journeys, our primary goal is the same – to know Jesus Christ and to make Him known to others.


The Order is open to women at every stage of life. The diversity of ages strengthens and enriches our adult, or senior, chapters. Younger women benefit from the discipleship of experienced spiritual mentors, and older women are invigorated by the fresh faith and energy of youth. Many senior chapters help spread the Kingdom to the next generation by sponsoring and supporting a Junior Daughters chapter at their churches.


Junior Daughters of the King are young women and girls from 7 to 21 years of age, who make a promise to pray daily and serve our Lord Jesus Christ. Membership is extended to all baptized girls, regardless of denomination. Junior Daughters meet in chapters of three or more girls, under the guidance of a senior Daughter who serves as Directress. Upon admission, Junior Daughters receive a silver Greek fleury cross with the initials FHS, For His Sake, as a symbol of their promise of daily prayer and service.

*Information courtesy of the Daughters of the King national website.


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