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The Pastoral Care Team (PCT) has been active at St. Bede's since July 2013. In cooperation with clergy, the Team reaches out to members of the parish who are in need of various kinds of support. In addition to prayers for parishioners on the Parish prayer list and for others dealing with stressful situations, team members make telephone calls, hospital and home visits, provide transportation and occasional meals, send cards and provide other support as appropriate and needed. The number of parishioners on our intercession list requiring prayers, and/ or other support or assistance is typically about 20 people. We also pray for family and friends of parishioners. 

Each month two Team members serve for a month as Coordinators. Their names are listed in the Bulletin so that parishioners will know whom to contact when a need arises. The Coordinators are in close contact with the parish clergy during their month of service, and will call on other PCT members for additional support when required. We continue to meet every month via Zoom and encourage parishioners dealing with health issues, loneliness, or other kinds of stress and who would appreciate supportive contact or services to contact the Pastoral Care Team.

Ways to Contact Pastoral Care Team:


Rosemarie Disalvo
Janet Hartley
Betsy Hiteshew
Jerry Hornof
Stephanie Landry
The Reverend Jennifer Wagner Pavia
Dean Pace
Cay Sibley
Ralph Sibley

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