After more than 30 years as Rector of St. Bede’s, Canon Newman retired on September 5, 2021. St. Bede's now has embarked on transition to call a new Rector. We ask for your prayers during this discernment process.

A Prayer in a Time of Transition to a New Rector

Almighty God, you know the needs of your Church in every place: Look graciously upon us, the people of St. Bede’s, and grant us the guidance of your Holy Spirit as we seek a new rector for this parish. Give us discernment, wisdom, and confidence in your timing. Guide the members of our Transition Committee, as they labor to be faithful in seeking your will. We pray for the life of our parish, that we may continue to be strengthened in our mission to be Jesus Christ’s heart, hands and feet to our neighbors no matter where they are on their journey of faith. Bless us with mutual trust and respect, courage, and foresight as you shepherd our community through its journey. Grace us with continuous direction and inspire us toward genuine self—reflection. All this we ask as we walk in your ways to the glory of your name. Amen.

How do we select a new rector?

The transition sequence is an interactive process between the Dioceses, the Vestry, the Transition Committee, an Interim Pastor, eligible ordained candidates, and most importantly, input from all members of the St. Bede’s community. We are thankful that the Diocese’s Office of Formation and Transitional Ministry (OFTM) does a lot of the heavy lifting in this process.

Transition Sequence:

  • Fr. Jim announces his desire to retire. COMPLETE

  • The Vestry commissions a Transition Committee to lead the transition process. The transition chair is Liz Mohler, assisted by Bond Harper. They report to the Vestry. COMPLETE

  • The Vestry notifies the Diocese Office of Formation and Transitional Ministry (OFTM) COMPLETE

  • OFTM supplies the Transition Committee with the recommended procedures and paperwork. See the graphic below for more details. COMPLETE

  • The Transition Committee develops a Parish Survey and solicits responses from all parishioners. Thanks to the 73 parishioners who responded! COMPLETE A Summary will be posted here soon.

  • The Transition Committee sets up a series of Story Day sessions, and invites all members of the parish to contribute, either in verbal discussions, written essays, or Zoom recordings. Thanks to all who have responded. COMPLETE

  • The Diocese OFTM begins a search for our Interim Pastor. These ordained priests have special training in guiding the Parish in the selection of our permanent Rector. COMPLETE

  • The Transition Committee develops the Church Profile, including our Mission Statement, History, Programs and Organizations, Finances, and our Hopes and Dreams. IN PROGRESS, Profile will be posted once complete.

  • The Transition committee, Vestry, and Party Planning team coordinate a Retirement Party for Fr. Newman. COMPLETE

  • The Diocese OFTM presents the Vestry with a Interim Pastor candidate for Vestry approval. COMPLETE

  • The Interim Pastor begins his/her ministry at St. Bede’s. On October 3, 2021, The Reverend Ryan D. Newman began serving as Interim Pastor. COMPLETE

  • The Diocese OFTM Initiates the candidate search process, publishes openings in diocesan channels, screens interested candidates. UPCOMING

  • Working with the Interim Pastor, the Transition Team, Vestry and Parishioners work with the OFTM to refine our vision of the ideal future Rector. All parishioners will be invited to contribute, either in-person or via Virtual or written formats as suits your preference. The Rev. Tom Discavage is coming on Sunday, February 6, 2022 for a Diocesan sponsored "Story Day: God is good, Faith is strong, All will be well. UPCOMING

  • A short list of qualifying candidates is recommended to the Vestry. UPCOMING

  • The Vestry selects the candidate who will be called for New Rector. UPCOMING

Transition Resources

  • Mother Judy Baldwin’s Sermon summarizing Parish Transition with inputs from the congregation on Sept 19, 2021.



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